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The future of work is here, and revolution towards remote working has the potential to profoundly impact your business.

To date, most companies have rightly focused on short-term issues of providing home-based IT solutions or managing your culture in a remote environment. However, many businesses are now accepting that some form of remote working is here to stay as part of a fully remote or hybrid model. This could result in significant changes to your business by being able to hire globally, reduce or even eliminate office rental costs, develop new ways of working or evolve your culture.

As a leader, to develop a successful Remote Working plan, you need to consider all aspects of your business from strategy, organisation and operations through to technology, culture and finances. The problem is that, with so many possibilities, it is often too difficult to know what your first step should be.

In order to support you, we are proud to announce the launch of The Remote Working Advisory – our consulting solution that specialises in developing and implementing strategies that allow you successfully transition to a hybrid model. Our expertise focuses on three core areas:

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How to stay relevant and attract top remote talent?
By Luke Paulson, Researcher & Writer
Expand Your Influence in a Remote Work Environment with 4 Simple Hacks
By Alexis Gerst, Author of Leading Remote Teams: Embrace the Future of Remote Work Culture
How to Create a Culture of High Performance in a Remote-First Organisation
By Nicky Morgan, Co-founder, POINT3 Wellbeing
Must-Have tech for work from home sanity
By Brad Rankin, Owner & Digital Project Manager
Time to close the office
By Samantha Perry, Level 7 CIPD qualified HR professional & HR Business Partner
Building a Remote-First business – a fad or the future or working practices?
By Soraya Gadelrab, Managing Director at Venn Media
How to stay motivated working from home
By Rose O'Neill, Social Media Manager and Writer
How to Hire and Invest in Remote Workers Effectively in 2021
By Lauren Lang, Marketing Strategist and Educator helping tech startups tell great stories
3 Easy Ways to Engage and Energize Pandemic-Fatigued Employees
By Gary Ware, Founder of Breakthrough Play
5 Tips to create a culture with peers working remotely
by Harmonie Barbe, Digital Marketing Director at Venn Media
Why I believe Work from Anywhere is here to help me
By Jentry White, Freelance Writer & Psychology Student
How can wellness help when working remotely?
By Sarah Mayo, Co-founder, POINT3 Wellbeing
7 tips to help you succeed being Remote-First
By Adrian Sanchez, Remote-First Host
Starting a remote-first company: Do’s and Don’ts
By Tony Beltramelli, Co-Founder & CEO of Uizard
5 Insights from a Veteran Remote Worker
By Lia Parisyan, VP of Content at Insider
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